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“Air Diamond Rings” is a series of hollowed out diamond shapes in silver ring settings embedded in a clear resin block with a finger hole in the centre.

Meanings are restricted and conditioned on both a personal and cultural level. The work An Oak Tree (1973) by Michael Craig-Martin, consists of a glass of water on a glass shelf on metal brackets 253 centimetres above the ground, and a text mounted on the wall, describing the piece as being an oak tree. For me, this work was a turning point leading me to contemporary art. Drawing from the jewellery field, I feel the diamond has been given a lot of extra emotional value. There is a common understanding that the meaning of a diamond has tended to be symbolic, not only a beautiful extremely expensive stone . The meaning of the word ‘diamond’ has also been taken to describe a certain level of quality, such as the ‘diamond princess ship’ or ‘a diamond membership card’.

In this work, I am simply providing a clue which makes people automatically complete a picture of an entire diamond shape on top of a ring in their mind. However, it's more like a deception. If you were to turn it over and find out the diamond is absent, you may perceive a new meaning to this object instead of what you have taken for granted.