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Gemini is a perfect affair mastermind,
Another Gemini (imagine you have two Gemini friends) is your Louise (like in Thelma & Louise, 1991), for the backup.

…and here comes a Sunset boulevard cinematic runaway lit by sunlight.

The first Gemini would be responsible for the fake IDs, the second Gemini for transportation and security. These two could probably get from Paris to Honolulu, and so can you, if you would dare to get on board. Besides, there has been much focus on digital experiences and online vastness recently, which makes me eager to focus on the physical leftovers we are allowed to dwell on these days.

As they say, Aries season gives the push for the year to carry on, when Gemini season is the third in the queue of astrology movements of the year. Although, Gemini arrives like a breeze in the midday and actually is open to turn over the page for a new chapter (mutable sign, you know). These two (Geminis, of course, as they are famous for polarity of opinions) won’t let things hang in there or stand by, even if the physical dimension is limited to four walls. It wasn’t designed to stay with you either, as a polaroid or a postcard would. This is a spirit of going for something you really care about and giving it some space to breathe between two steady energies of Taurus and Leo. Their runaway doesn’t imply that you can escape from your life, rather to express what you do stand for and where exactly your passion lies. Instead of carefully planning or harvesting your goals, this sign is here to help to navigate a treasure hunt and to stop inherent little things bugging you so unexpectedly. As if that’s a call for your personal rescuer Gemini to retrace your topography, after recent retrogrades would try to sweep you off your feet and the GPS route. Although, at the end of the Cancer season you have a backup in the presence of the moon in Capricorn. So consider that all the tasks are completed on the things you decide to quit during this journey.


Beetlejuice, Beetlejuice, Beetlejuice…
This is my personal spell to summon the much needed Leo season. As we have passed a point of summer solstice, three eclipses and one new moon since the beginning of summer, now our planet is approaching my favourite time of the year (Leo season). The bad news, however, is that Cancer season is almost behind. Although, the coming new moon will take its position in Cancer, which is a reason why you might suddenly be fixated on naming an unusual and broad range of feelings or trying to find a new side to a feeling of empathy.

If Cancer season teaches to appreciate and accept all feelings and emotions one can experience, as in Wong Kar Wai’s movies (who is also Cancer). Then Leo is this invisible power that gives an extra life to go through the boss battle (if there is one). Just like sunshine, the upcoming season is likely to let one approach things with enthusiasm and romantic naivety. I genuinely believe a room gets brighter when a Leo enters it. Also, this season’s checklist includes reinventing “self-care”. It could be any subject: a break-up, as in Dua Lipa’s hits (who is a Leo), channel inner powers to fight Evil, as Luke Skywalker (I’m convinced he is a Leo too!), or to be a significant leader, as Barack Obama (naturally, Leo). Unlike other zodiac placements of the cycle, the combo of Cancer and Leo have a unique potential in maintaining one’s mental health and problem-solving skills. The drive of a cardinal sign and the fire sign’s energy is an archetype for many, Batman and Robin, Kanye and Kim, Blair Waldorf and Chuck Bass, Morticia and Gomez Addmas, Serena and Venus Williams. Well, you get it, the list is endless.