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At Sold Out we ask what is left out from the curricula in academic and practical spaces within graphic design. The question is what is excluded and why, who is producing knowledge and who is distributing it? In an attempt to connect these knowledge gaps and fill the material and structural inequalities we hope to create reference points through published materials within graphic design.The aim is to not simply to diversify or democratise the publishing and referencing system, it is to go further and question the inequalities in the spaces around us. We do not want to simply place people of colour in otherwise white spaces or accept the status quo of gendered spaces or continue to entertain environments solely built for abled bodies. As a newly established publishing house we want to address how , the bastion of Eurocentrism, white heteronormative privilege and superiority of a white curriculum in particular remains. We do this by publishing toolkits, essays, manifestos, exercise books and many other multi-faceted mediums.Sold Out is a platform that facilitates multiple different perspectives, it is based on plurality and is in no shape or form claiming to hold complete universal truth or knowledge. We are only here to facilitate our authors. We invite you to participate, discuss, publish, write and create with us if you feel that your content is placed within our statement. Our tagline, "We're sold out but you can be too”—is both an invitation and a provocation that the published content either fails to come to existence at the moment or doesn’t get the attention it deserves.For more information, please visit: