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Astrological Tools to Navigate You When You Are an Artist

Days of the week for art making, how shadows of retrogrades or retrogrades can work for you and tempo for your work process with planets and zodiac signs and how to improve it.

There is a lot out there that starts from gently whispering to your ear and morphs into yelling at you to a headache. Particularly in the Internet space and social media that are there 24/7 despite your time zone and the Internet reception. The offline can be just as intense if you pick emotional vampires to hang out with. The Taurus season kindly pushes to work and chill but the Gemini forces being out there LOUD AND CLEAR. As long as you survived (just like I barely did) the past full moon in Scorpio (and I thought one kind doesn't betray its pride, since my moon in Scorpio too).

Another day, another retrograde… Astrology seriously seems to appear as a heavyweight champion in the Western popular culture right now. Every other fashion brand stamps witty designs of astrology premonitions. And even if people are aware of astrology it is because of threats and emotional rollercoasters that are related to retrogrades. Keeping up with this is a task of its own undeniably, which adds to the hurricane of information we have to digest every other hour.

So let’s drop the warnings and turn to how astrology can mentor your artistic practice. Let’s welcome another retrograde. A retrograde in Pluto and embrace its destructiveness to our benefit by taking a few steps further figuring our personal ways based on basics of natal charts and harnessing lunar cycles.

For this episode of CMBYS I talked to two artists Pietra Galli and Lina Chang who look into Western astrology when it comes to their making processes and also self-evaluation.

Pietra: So, for example we could look at the placements in your 2nd house, especially because it is where you have Saturn in your map, so we can have some ideas of how you cope with professional matters. The second house is related to finances, material resources and security, whereas Saturn is a planet that is associated with responsibilities and life lessons. Because we are part of the same generation, both our Saturn placements are in Aries. But in my case, it is located in my first house.

Linda: Curious. Because then Saturn affects your personality more than your approach to material matters. But at the same time, the first house is the house of Aries, so your placement of Aries is in its original house and has a harmonious vibe.

P: The issue is that Saturn and Aries have very different rhythms and attitudes towards life. This contradiction is also visible in your second house, as this is naturally the house of Taurus - an earth and fixed sign - but is also where you have Saturn in Aries, so these two can be out of sync. Aries is an impulsive and impatient sign, which is good to put things in action, whereas Taurus is more long-term oriented and steady, creating a clash of speed. What these placements tell us is that perhaps you should harness your impulsiveness and impatience about getting things done, and accept your own natural speed by being dedicated for the long run to get the results you want.

L: I do relate to it a lot as this is one of the reasons I get upset so much with my achievements. But at the same time I noticed this other thing in my approach to critical thinking. I have been surrounded by Aquarians recently and realised that I do share their essential approach when I’m reflecting on subjects that matter to me and I think it pushes my thinking a lot forward.

P: Yes, that makes sense as you have a lot of Aquarius influence in your first house, including Jupiter, which influences how you identify yourself. Jupiter is related to your interests too, as much as your growth, education and communication.

L: Oh yes! That’s my placement for Aquarius. It discusses hypothetical possibilities, chances and non-popular perspectives. Sort of future-oriented too. How about your Jupiter?

P: My Jupiter is in Capricorn and it is in the ninth house.

L: Ooh, you must be good at structuring and managing things very well. I think Capricorn is the best placement in everything related to work, because they are so structured, hard-working and enjoy all hard processes and I think less self-traumatic in their hard-work rather than Taurus. Sometimes Taurus over-does that in a bad way.

P: Well, yes in some ways, because Capricorn is a very focused sign so it naturally offers a sense of structure and responsibility. But I think it depends on the awareness we have of our own strengths and faults so we can mould them the best way to any job role we might be in. For example, Pisces in Jupiter would be potentially very compassionate and adaptable. They are impulsive in a different way that Aries are. They are naturally highly creative, which means they could easily create their own universe, but that can also be dangerous for them too, as it might be different to a real situation. We should also be mindful of Mercury when thinking about our professional patterns though.

L: Right, yeah. The planet of communication. Mine is in Taurus and sometimes I’m jealous of people with placements in Gemini or Aquarius, or Libra even, naturally Air signs. They are so good at talking and making conversation and also being clear about things, at least reading things clearly. I’m too stubborn for that, it is an effort for me.

P: It is interesting because your Mercury is in Taurus and inside your second house again! This can be helpful in terms of being logical and practical in the way you communicate, maybe you are not so spontaneous, but you are a considerate thinker with a clear goal in mind.

L: Let’s see yours. Sagittarius! And also it is in your 9th house (home for Sagittarius), the house of growth, education and philosophy, naturally Sagittarius. I guess this must reflect how easy it’s for you to grasp a bigger picture on spot and be accurate and direct in your thoughts.

P: The thing about Sagittarius is that everything needs to be big, even communication. I love big ideas and themes and I think about too many things at the same time, because Sagittarius believes everything is worth discussing. So, although it gives me a good understanding of general themes it is hard to focus on one thing or communicate what I’m thinking about accurately.

L: Also, the Midheaven (MD). This is the placement that describes the pace for your work.

P: I would say that more than your pace, it describes your main goal in life. Yours is Sagittarius, right?

L: Yes.

P: Maybe an office job is not for you! Haha. You must be too eager to explore places and people and be on the move, to be independent. I know what I’m talking about, I have Sagittarius sun. Plus, my Midheaven in Sagittarius too.

L: No way! It’s a match again! Sagittarius are known to be the most airy sign out of all fire. They are highly adventurous, I guess curiosity definitely drives us for our exploration of things.

P: I didn’t know Sagittarius were known as the airy one of the fire signs. Although, it is curious because Gemini is the king of communication in the zodiac and it is also Sagittarius’ complementary sign. I like the idea that each sign can learn from its opposite, if Sagittarius can be too idealistic, it can learn from Gemini’s practicality, and vice versa.

Linda: Why is it better to do art projects on Fridays or Saturdays?

Lina: I first found out about planetary hours and days through Jade (@ijaadee) - an astrologer via Twitter. And that's where I discovered that each day of the week corresponds to a planet and we can work with a specific planet’s energy to enhance the work that we do on a particular day. So for example, Friday is ruled by Venus so any work that is done that day relating to Venus-related activities such as art, pleasure, creativity, beauty etc would be perfect. You’re aligning yourself with the energy that Venus already provides for that specific day so it’s a win-win situation. Saturday is ruled by Saturn which is all about order, patience, and getting your routines and schedules all sorted - which is still really good for all the art people out there. That could be a day where you try to work on your budgets, create timelines or a schedule for the week ahead.

Linda: Oh right. Who is the ruler of Monday then?

Lina: The moon! Which is why everybody - mostly everyone on this planet - hates working on Mondays. The day is ruled by the energies of the moon, which is all about our emotions and connecting to our innermost needs. So if you had the choice, I’d choose Monday to lay low and do some self care or work on your creative projects as well since you’ll be aided by the Moon’s energy to connect to your emotions.

Linda: How about Thursdays? This day is popular for holding private views.

Lina: Actually, Thursdays are connected to Jupiter, so it’s perfect for growth, education, deep issues, thinking, luck. On the flipside it can also enhance any kind of energy, so there can be an excess of something that day as well. Which is funny how with the private views, on one hand it’s great for communicating with many different people and getting your contacts out there but it can also go to the extreme side of things - where it’s too much communication and running around as well.

Linda: Yeh, sounds like a perfect soil for great conversations and connections. So then how about the retrogrades? Are there any good ones to start or continue art projects, also, as we are currently in Pluto retrograde? Plus, we also are going to face a retrograde in Mercury at the end of May.

Lina: Many artists actually like Mercury retrogrades, it’s a good time to focus or realise old projects and ideas you had. But the way Mercury retrogrades are portrayed in pop culture sometimes is as a period of time where it’s not useful and can cause problems because you’re kind of forced to stay put and reflect instead of thinking about being productive. But for artists and creatives I guess we’re naturally attuned to the idea of resting and the creative process as something that’s not linear and always about work work work. But having the retrograde in Gemini season can be a little problematic and more difficult to work with because Gemini is ruled by Mercury - so it’s like an enhanced effect.

Linda: But also I guess it gives chances to speak out about these projects too. Besides, in any case, Jupiter has entered Pisces and that’s good news as it builds perfect conditions for the creative environment and magic of Piscerian imagination. :) I’m a bit more interested in the Pluto retrograde now and how would you describe a retrograde in general?

Lina: I’d say that Mercury retrograde is a time of unlearning the meaning of ‘rest’ and ‘work’ and redefining our relation to it.

As for the Pluto retrograde - I'm by no means an expert, but I remember being inspired by what astrologer Alicesparklykat wrote once (I recommend you check out her book, Postcolonial Astrology!). She was talking specifically about the transits of Pluto and on moments where she had to make a decision that made a large impact on her life in retrospect. I could personally relate to Pluto transits and how it can feel like you’re “dying” or losing a part of who you once thought you were or had to be and embody to live in this world. So intuitively I feel when applying that experience and knowledge to a retrograde it's a time of introspection based on the “plutonic-induced” experiences of your life.

Pluto taught me that you can leave and become another person. You can leave your homeland and, when you do, you leave yourself.” – cited from

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