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Call Me By Your Sign

Astrology, artist practice and failure

In my previous writing, I talked a bit about working modes for different signs, their faults and ways of acceptance. This is what I’m really keen to focus in this one. Probably my last writing for The Pluralist. Let’s hope, the most exciting and most melancholic (the way all last things supposed to be I guess…?). Thinking about leaving a university brings me to dwell on whether I will be allowed to fail? The inspiring safety jumping zone when you a part of an educational system teaches you to surrender it and just accept a failure. But how can that be a benefit when you are OUT?

«…a woman’s hair is never thick enough to hide her thoughts…»

Dodie Bellamy, The Letters of Mina Harker

Let’s make our failures part of the creative working process! And in order to get there,

Let’s figure which anxiety ruins your day when you have big plans on making magic in the studio, based on astrology.

(the last one I promise!) Let’s focus on houses. If the planets describe W-H-A-T, the houses would be answering H-O-W. To start with, look at your Midheaven. That usually describes your vibe for a working mode, and also look where Mars’s position and Saturn’s placement are in your birth chart. Initially, Mars can characterise your tempo for work and the position in the houses locates «your fierce» for things. For example, with Mars in the 8th house, a person might be a match in a stack of hay, which is a lucky euphemism in this case for bedroom business. As the 8th house is related to taboo and secrets. It is about being intense, just like the house ruler, Scorpio, and sometimes might more reflect an area of creative interest than a temperament in approaching work. But, coming back to work and creativity, Mars in the 2nd house describes someone who magnetically attracts money and is a gatherer in nature, as they tend to manifest materialistic possession. It may seem that the 5th house may bring just enough enthusiasm for being playful with the process. When the 10th house, actually is where your Midheaven is placed and is in the charts of people who somehow know how to get there (where they want to). Lucky ones (some may say)!

Although, another way to make it a bit less complicated process, without these crossovers, like in the Spiderman meme, is to look at the house that has most planets there. As it would be quite influential for you. So you have your Venus, Mercury, Sun and Saturn in your 2nd house. Planets of communication, money, relationship, personality and control. Besides, being paid back with good wealth for the hard work, this individual-ass is good at criticism, loyal and a spiritual reptile, and definitely good at navigating materialistic realms, or easy to pick it up. (Again, a lucky figure!) So it is worth to think how to turn your creative process to benefit from this alignment.

No.3. LOOK AT YOUR Moon. Besides it’s deserving your attention, Moon has a voice for our emotions, and it will portray a lot on both artistic direction and creative process. With your Moon in the 8th house, you’d probably be much like Sandra Bullock’s character from «Practical Magic», interested in the spiritual and deeper secrets of the universe *the «Star Trek Generations» soundtrack intro*, and that has certain immensities in the frames of such hunt for secrets. The same planet in the 2nd house might indicate one’s inspiration from a personal collection of objects or stories that related to their household (let’s say). So I guess that also has a vote on a tempo of work or a style/location for a studio (in case you are very good at working in your living room and again, a lucky clover!). The 5th house placement people would be likely to find inspiration in their hobbies or creative industries they feel connected with on an emotional level. In which case, it is very natural, probably, to create layered narratives or a good suggestion for a job that would be fruitful for your practice. When people with their Moon in the 10th house are keen on and good at zooming into their work experiences and source inspiration in a way industry would approach a topic. Again, probably they should print out their business cards before the degree show.

I hope this simply shows a bit that there are no failures in a way we would expect a simple mathematical equation to work and will help to navigate the housing hustle puzzle a little too. Essentially, just picking an individually correct tool to walk a tightrope above the art world (no bouncy castle).