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Each 'Wasteflower' is an imaginary specimen that stems from an iterative process of tracing over photographs. The subject of the source photos (the raw materials) was found objects - left-over newspapers, stranded bin bags, empty boxes, jettisoned cables and disowned books. In the act of photographing on the street, camera picked up litter. From then, it passed it on to print and handed it on via pen and paper, to be re-seen, recycled. A kind of cleaning up at-one-removed. The forms outlined are left blank so they might be recoloured any shade, their petals could be as luminous or as faded as any eye sees fit... what matters is they have germinated from the grey, stony ground of the street, taken unique shapes and gone upwards and onwards to blossom.

From a series of ten images. Drawing pen on paper. 22 cm x 30 cm