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Isn’t that great to be a Pisces or an Aries?

If wishes were horses, the days would be leaving traces of every blessed sunny morning on the sides of the city buildings and walls of private garages. I would stop missing the trains that are passing from East to West and from West to East and would be able to speak the common language with everyone.

«Trains in these parts went from East to West, and from West to East»

Chingiz Aitmatov, The Day Lasts More Than a Hundred Years

If wishes were horses, I would get to see the Steppes. I would pack my clothes, camera and a toothbrush to explore somewhere that could have changed my life. These days I get to see the places through the pictures in the emails from nice people, in the chats and paper mail too. I have seen living seafood, Belgian chocolate, fake tattoos, a number of three-coloured cats and other collected images. I know I would get to see the people I have been far from and places I get to miss. And I will get to go to the Steppes. I have the images from there too. The camels, the flora, the spaciousness and the mountains that sometimes hides them. I might even not need to cross the border of the country, a fact.

«Tatars did not recognise the border they were crossing as a real one. In them Joseph Beuys met Asia while still on European soil»

Franz Joseph van der Grinten on Joseph Beuys

I kept seeing signs lately. Once you start a collection, it keeps following you. I have been spotting fishes, or Pisces, as I would interpret. It brings an ability to experience immense sensitivity and dive in the endless realms of dreams. All the feelings and abstract qualities are there to be touched in embodied shapes. They seem as if they are the negative quantity that fills the space between living bodies (humans, plants, animals, objects etc.). It’s mutable, and to flow with it means to get along.

I get to go on the other routes too. The pulsing spirit of adventure that Mars spreads is conducted via Aries and helps to overcome second thoughts. In other words, when in doubt ask what Aries would do too.