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One cannot help but bear witness to pandemic storm-clouds of contagion, earthquake, volcano, fire, flood and landslide

Ubiquitously sweeping, shaking, erupting, raging, surging, far-and-wide

While many of the world’s leaders profess ‘geothermal-fracking-as-usual’, with heads buried deep in dunes-of-denial

And so, in the face of multiple global-crises, one is forced to shop elsewhere for spiritual-gnoses and emotional-renewal

Further afield than the aisles of neon-lit supermarket-dreams and dot-com same-day deliveries

Further afield than high-brow department store life-style fantasies

Laid out like scenes from the silver screen in elaborate window displays and glossy magazines

Further than the online prime-time trailer, box-set, binge watch seduction

Plethora’s of perfectly-packaged illusions to provide temporary alleviation

From the overwhelming threat of global annihilation

From sexist, racist, elitist, ageist denigration

Or from rust-riddled regrets on constant rotation

Mourning the ghosts of narrowly missed, sugar-coated ships-of-desire, that set-sail long ago

Or impossible-to-forget childhood traumas, bereavements, divorces, augmenting serial self-love deficit disorders

Inescapable neuroses, seared into one’s psyche, branded like slaves to key-frame memories

Leaving a trail of distorted, aborted destinies behind in their wake

Yet another empty void, full of emotional gaping holes to fill as the planet is systematically plundered and destroyed

By the addictive machine-of-consumerism, where ecological sustainability and wellbeing is wilfully-sacrificed

With nothing left, except the bitter-aftertaste of a forfeit future

This is how we welcome 140 million new born ‘kidults’ into the world every year, weaned upon html and social media

Whose childhood innocence and genetic lineages were surgically-removed at birth

Stolen by neo-narcissists ‘neath smog-filled skies, where bright futures turned grey

Dumbed-down by smart-technology and antidepressants

And yet, in spite of all this, some intrinsic built-in desire to seek out and search for truth-and-authenticity persists

Sends out its call like a beacon, summoning every human soul to awaken, to activate one’s innate inner-knowing like a homing-device

Beckons to journey far beyond the comfort and safety of objects, or co-dependent relationships

To look past the emotional barbed-wire snags and grazes of parental / professional / romantic / societal lies and betrayal

Or the nettle’s-sting of missed-opportunity

In lieu of moving forwards, towards new desires satisfied and revised goals fulfilled, collectively

For nothing stays the same and ‘change’ is always the one, true, ever-quickening constant

Henceforth, it is in the ‘unspoken moments’ where humanity happens

Where one quietly pieces-together watercolour-poems, sifted and fathomed from kaleidoscope-memories

Dreaming in silent smoky swirls and mirror-gleam sunbeams

Peeling off rose candy-coloured gels from the lids of one’s eyes

Like fleshy onion-skin layers of reflective introspection

As one wakes from the lucid-dream state with the revelatory understanding

That in a vibrational-universe-of-energy every thought and feeling is eternal and therefore accountable

As non-physical energy can never die, nor expire, it can only change form

Transformed by an awareness of one’s perennial vibrational-offering

Atonement through candour and a willingness to upgrade one’s most-frequent point-of-focus

As an integral requisite of self-care, a daily practice By virtue of LOVE, whether for self, others, or Source Is still the purest form-of-energy in the Multiverse ♡


* According to the United Nations, more than 140 million babies are born worldwide a year with 385,000 born each day and around 270 babies born every minute. The world population is expected to reach 10 billion by 2056.

* Neo-narcissist: The neo-definition of narcissism, according to: Dr. Joana Casaca Lemos is the inability to apply in practice the grander purpose of giving Love beyond the Return On Investment for the Self.


♡ Apotheosis: Poems and Manifestos for a New Paradigm ♡