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Pitch. Dark. How can I? Describe.

You know how dark is.

Tilted. Uneven horizon, blended.

Full circle. Long form, long wave.Short wave.

Sound. Numb. There is sound.

Dark but not full.

Pitch would be full.Moonlight. Maybe, maybe not.

A reflection, glimmer, a spark.

Direction? Ahead, the circle breaks.

Full bubble is pierced, ahead a light flickers.

Light separated from darknessWaters do not. Separate

from waters. Unsplit.

Rebound of sound, not a wave.

It is so. Water.

It moves, makes forms. The light,

Is there, in glimmers. It lulls.

The voices? Maybe, possibly.

Alone. Not alone.

Dark but not pitch, dark.

Darker than some, nights.

Is that how everything began?

Begins to end. Ends?

The night of the sea,

You know how that is.

One light can be

Enough to create

A horizon, a burs

tIn the flatness of dark, high sea.

Can you see?