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the potential to become one wholesome moment in the end when she would be scared, or angry, or happy
while ignoring the opening of another space she might have entered and might have realised as it shut her in forced her to experience abnormality
moments were a loud violation of time in the vacuum she fled to from the beginning morphing with no need to begin but hoping to not remember the beginning linearity into a happy mass and constant slight delight
trying not to be utterly exhausted,
that might attack and her silent secure love
joy preventing standards making their extraordinarity irrelevant keeping moments on a leash of regularity respecting each others unexcited being
following each other kindly with a mere increase of emotion
in humble equalities of periods of her life it to created her void
abandoning an interior
the consistency time that wanted nothing but linearity and it felt cruel to her being melted into the routine of the unspectacular

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