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Call Me by Your Sign. The next year might crush.

Right in the middle of my workday I received a text from my Virgo friend:

The next year might crush. Don’t expect too much.

I knew she was right but I had (as quoted from a Gemini) slept this whole year through. As it was hard to agree that any reality from now on was supposed to look like thisss (in all possible ways of interpretation and past events you just can think of this minute). Of course, my Virgo friend didn’t mean for the upcoming year to be identical to the previous one, she was just pointing out that too many expectations have the potential to kill even good things. Don’t hope. Don’t expect. Don’t plan or rely.

The unknown makes people believe in mystery and seek for advice with irrational and mythologized areas. Although, an article in New York Times marks fortune tellers becoming mindfulness coaches, people more often come to them for life advice than a seánce these days. So do the high interest and sudden popularity of astrology and astrological memes by proving just the same thing. Contrarily, siding and the opposed communities insist on reducing global planning of personal ambitions and focus on daily things in order to balance one’s mental health and mindfulness (as quoted by an Aquarius, forced mindfulness). Again. Don’t hope. Don’t expect. Don’t plan or rely.

Sorry, I’m just scared of the future.
Childish Gambino, “3005”

This advice haunts like a spell. It makes you drop any romanticised attitude. It seems like a right thing to follow but some trembling feeling of doubt sets as a red flag. Just like in the movies, when a lead character is about to follow their heart than their duty. Probably, there is still a way to go in the new century to be invented and something not-yetstructured-into-a-system is here to expand the vision.

The most radical, or romanticised, ways may include the skills of Professor Trelawney, coffee cups at Ïstiklal Avenue and, most immediate, book fortune reading. You have to think of a page and a line in a book and that will be a prediction to your question. Unfortunately, they seem to be less satisfying as they don’t promise definite results. This way, it comes across that the seeken truth hides somewhere in the moment between a stated question and when the prediction is interpreted (after the cards are unveiled). After that, a fragile expectation must crack in the moment after that one. Let’s look at the case study, The Darjeeling Limited, opening scene, when Bill Murray’s character misses his train. Our expectations are about to crush when we get to meet the real main character of the movie, Adrian Brody’s character. Case study N°2, just like many of Sean Bean’s characters are killed just in the beginning of the story. The whole plot reminds that actually this has a different focus, and you would expect professionals in the area of clairvoyance to follow the guideline. However, first comes first, as we tend to crush ourselves with seeing different premonitions in life lessons or occasions to those we are supposed to follow. Perhaps then, the mystery is in this skilled approach to seeing your future, which, primarily, forbids any third eyes.

It’s getting rather late my dear friend and the winds are announcing a tempest. I shall go back to my room, take a look in the mirror and let go of my thoughts. Mythology is after all an old vanishing text, which allows, with the passing of time, ways of seeing through the faint remains of past texts.

Christodoulos Panayiotou, «Dying on Stage» (performance)

I guess my crisp conclusion this year «I wish I was less and more than that» confuses me more than the vision of the things that are about to come and here, probably, comes the beauty of it. It is a tough Capricorn season this year to go through but it is good to finish there. Just like Virgo, Capricorn, being its Earth pal, would stay realistic in order to not to crush themselves. Capricorn helps to plan goals, identify the core and the distraction and figure out the mess from all the previous signs. So Aquarius season can invent better things.