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Witch, witch wanders, witch wander whistles. They say the world will end soon. So the witch wanders. The witch whistles. The whistle is heard. So the witch wanders. The wander knows nothing. A nuclear power-plant filled with water emits 530Sv of radiation per hour. However, a human being dies soon after being exposed to only 10Sv of radiation. Specially designed robots withstanding radiation fail in two hours when they enter the water-filled nuclear power-plant. Robots’ lifespan lasts two hours. The human lifespan lasts about 1 minute and 6 seconds. Even if the power-plant filled with water has no radiation at all, the lifespan still is 1 minute and 6 seconds. Now the witch whistles.

Can you hear people shouting the countdown the chirping crows beyond the bell ringing every 5pm and the radio statics. They ran an open water pool test at Odaiba The players complained about the smell of water. But in the end large amounts of Escherichia coli were detected. Mao- chan always told us that the man-made beach at Odaiba is disgusting

Last winter when you came over to my place. It was a six and a half tatami room. Every time a truck passes by the whole house shook, rocking rocking, when I knock the wooden wall it sounded naked. Seven women were living in the house A Chinese student by my side, a Japanese who came from Australian Working Holiday below my floor, a factory worker who wrapped everything she owned in plastic bags, a stranger kept being replaced in the smallest room

Anyway, my place shook unbearably every time there was an earthquake, and one day a disaster alarm started. An earthquake of magnitude six occurred somewhere in Kanto. I quickly hid under my desk recalling Nonchan who has a habit of pouring water into her bathtub whenever she feels a slight shaking You know that she’s from

Sendai, rocking rocking

After a few minutes of the disaster alarm, my room wouldn’t shake at all I count the numbers inward Ichi Ni San

Gojyu Roku Gojyu Shichi Gojyu Hachi

But in the end my room didn’t shake at all, and later I had fun talking to someone else about this incident But honestly, no one knows when the earthquake will come? Everybody’s just waiting for the omen to happen. People stared at me ominously for making fun of it. Rocking rocking, my room is a rocking boat, rolling rolling Do not forget the disaster prevention booklet you’ve thrown on the floor Our town may be shaking every day but it will never collapse

Do Japanese wear slippers in their rooms to save time when the earthquake happens? A bit similar If the window breaks down you’ll have to wear slippers to evacuate Oh alright. Non-chan has filled the bathtub again and asks me to use the water in it

When I first started living in Tokyo, I went to a vacant park where a new Olympic Stadium was being built with two friends I became close
The construction site was locked heavily
Homeless people wandered around wearing zombie makeup Somebody accidentally opened the gate. The password was 0000. But those zombies won’t break into the open construction site They are the ones who lost their place in life due to the Olympics
But they don’t take over the construction site. Close the gate! A CCTV is being operated! One of the zombies shouts
The one who opened the gate Locks the door again The zombies remove their makeup and return to their homes to Sendagaya Station, to a tunnel in Shibuya. Witch, witch wanders
The Olympic Stadium will be completed soon Still when I look back in a light-speed vessel, Jesenice, that escapes from Tokyo, I only see the vacant park before the stadium was created. I’m moving away from Tokyo so fast that I’m moving away like a light So when I look back it feels like the time rewinds itself. Rocking rocking, my room is a rocking horse, rolling rolling

Do not forget the disaster prevention booklet you’ve hidden in the corner
Our town may be shaking every day but it will never collapse
The Yurikamome Line crossing the Rainbow Bridge the ghostlike Tokyo Tower a treasure bead embedded in Fuji Television building Shinji Sato’s whistles a sudden SOS everything is the witch, witch wanders. The manmade beach in Odaiba will always be disgusting. The cemetery of oyster shells will be gone. You’d dip your feet on the beach and scoop out malformed anemone and crabs like our future lies beneath the disgusting seawater it was my last night in Tokyo