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Do you ever find yourself wondering why you’re even at the RCA? Ever find yourself questioning whether it’s worth the time and the cost, or thinking ‘what the fuck am I doing here, what’s even the point’? Well, as it happens, so do I! And so, dear readers, I endeavoured to seriously contemplate and answer such questions as these. Questions that, no doubt, the students of this much decorated institution have dejectedly pondered in their more wretched moments throughout its storied existence.

As we endured the hardships of this past winter, continuously stricken by the various calamities brought about by years of poor maintenance and ambivalent management, I despairingly considered (as I often have) the purpose of my studies. In this particular instance my thoughts were not turned so much, as you may expect, to current events but instead towards my own future. As a 2nd year whose departure (like a certain other notable departure) is careening into view, I couldn’t help but reflect on where I was at compared to when I first graced these hallowed halls, and honestly I feel as woefully clueless, confused, and unequipped for life beyond the institution as I ever did. ‘So,’ I thought to myself one day, as I froze my barely-even-there-yet tranny tits off ‘if the RCA isn’t preparing me for the life of a professional artiste, what exactly is it preparing me for?’ And then, suddenly, as though shone upon by the light of heavenly grace, I viddied clear as day: The crumbling infrastructure, the insidious creep of neoliberalism, the intransigence of the powers that be, the general state of confusion; The RCA is preparing us for Brexit!